Developing your muscle memory

Muscle memory is the process that allows you to remember certain skills and perform them without conscious effort.

What if our faith had muscle memory?

What if there was a process through which we could develop our faith muscle memory?

What’s true of us as human beings when it comes to any type of memory is this, we often forget what we should remember and remember what we should forget!

As this year draws to a close, let’s take a little trip down memory lane….

When the children of Israel finally emerged from the wilderness they crossed the river Jordan and into the promised land. The next challenge was the battle of Jericho but before they launched into that, God asked them to perform two very important rituals.

One involved all the men needing to be circumcised the other involved some stones from the river bed (I know which one of these has my vote!)

Look at what it says in Joshua 4…..

“….tell them to take up twelve stones….and carry them over and put them down at the place where you stay tonight… the future when your children ask you “what do these stones mean?” tell them…..”

The stones were symbols of what God had done and this process of recall, reflect, remember is what builds the muscle memory of faith!

Why is it so important to recall, reflect and remember what God has done?

  • It builds faith – we create a trophy room in our heart as we put that memory on the shelf

Before David fought Goliath he recalled and remembered that God had already helped him kill a lion and a bear (1 Samuel 17 v.34). This process helped develop his muscle memory of faith so he could confront his giant.

  • It keeps us humble and dependant – this process reminds us what God has done, they are ultimately his trophies on the shelf not ours….
  • It provides us with a narrative for those coming after us – when others ask us, we can recall, reflect and remember what God has done and that not only develops our muscle memory of faith but theirs also.

So as you recall, reflect and remember what God has done in your life this last year what stones might you put down as a testimony to what God has done in your life?

Take some time over the Christmas break to recall, to reflect and to remember

Then I want to encourage you with one more R and that’s recommit

Recommit in 2024 to being a person of faith who doesn’t just say “I believe” but who acts on it.

After all James says “faith without works is dead” (James 2 v.26) and we build muscles by using them not just by believing they exist!

This next year be a person of faith when it comes to your finances, your relationships, your witness …in a years time wouldn’t it be great to look back on 2024 and to be able to recall, reflect and remember some fresh new stones that testify to your faith in God?

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